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Photo Friday ~ The Blues


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~ The Holy Family~

~ Blessing


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~ Colourful ~ my two daughters on the left!

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Cyber Cruise ~ My favourite picture of one of my favourite places to travel. See the rainbow?

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THE CLIFFS OF MOHER, County Clare, Ireland

See the castle in the far distance? Well my Mum and daughter were over where that was. Séana didn't want to come with me on the hike and Mum thought it would be a bit to much for her so she stayed back with Séana.

Once I got as far as I thought I could reasonably go, without taking too long to get back, I took that shot.

I remember feeling the beauty of it all, and wishing Mum and Séana could see what I saw. I was also thinking about what a great place to bring a picnic lunch and sit down and enjoy it for a good long while.

That memory is etched in my mind. I excitedly shared it with Mum and Séana who was rather annoyed with me because I was gone a long time. Now I am excited to share it with you.

Next time I go back I'm going back to that same spot. But, it has to be a sunny day. I've already decided that!

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